Tooway & Hylas Ibiza, Spain.

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Tooway & Hylas Ibiza, Spain.

Postby elmolino » Tue Oct 01, 2013 5:01 pm

Tooway & Hylas installation Ibiza, Spain.

As promised on our last visit to Ibiza a few weeks ago, we have now re-installed the Tooway system (which was previously supported by a rock) and moved it to a professional pole.

Old installation.

New installation.

The above was done during a trip to Ibiza installing a Hylas system and a Tooway system for another client.


The Hylas system is used for business due to its reliability, network and support: a reliable and stable connection is crucial for the client.

The Tooway system is used for the rest of the household and as a backup.


Besides the two systems we also provided a UPS battery backup and some routers (Hylas and Tooway network).
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