Low latency communications between Afghanistan and the USA

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Low latency communications between Afghanistan and the USA

Postby hawaiiteleport » Thu Mar 25, 2010 1:21 am

New Hawaii Pacific Teleport iDirect Satellite Service provides low latency communications between Afghanistan and the USA

Afghanistan Satellite Direct is a new iDirect satellite internet service between Afghanistan and the USA offered by Hawaii Pacific Teleport and its service partner On-Band.

The service is provided on the JCSAT 3A c-band satellite at orbital position 128E operated by Sky Perfect JSAT corporation of Japan. The satellite footprint covers all of Afghanistan and adjoining countries including Pakistan and supports the two way iDirect service for customers with light usage requirements.

The new iDirect service is unique because it offers the only one hop satellite connection between Afghanistan and the USA through the HPT teleport in Hawaii. Most other commercial satellite services in Afghanistan operate on less reliable ku-band spectrum and are typically routed through foreign teleports in Russia, Germany or Hong Kong which may be less desirable for those customers whose traffic may be better served by a teleport based on US soil.

Advantageously the new Afghanistan Satellite Direct service provides the lowest latency communications link from Afghanistan to most of the USA which is important for defense contractors who for security reasons need to use thin client' server based computing to eliminate storing classified information on computers in Afghanistan.

Vince Waterson, VP Business Development at Hawaii Pacific Teleport said "Last year we deployed our first 2.4m c-band VSAT antenna at a US military base in Kabul for a ‘thin client' application for a defense contractor in the US mid west where the JCSAT 3A low latency link shaved 200 milliseconds off a service provided by another vendor. This JCSAT3A SCPC service has proved so successful in Afghanistan with ISAF and other users that Hawaii Pacific Teleport is announcing at the Satellite 2010 tradeshow the launch of Afghanistan Satellite Direct an economy internet service for customers in Afghanistan who are light users."

The JCSAT 3A satellite is precision operated by SkyPerfect JSAT company from their Yokohama TT&C in Japan, one of 12 satellites in the JSAT fleet which has in an in-orbit back up satellite.

Hawaii Pacific Teleport operates the only US located teleport providing service on this unique satellite. The teleport is based on the island of Oahu, Hawaii and is operated 24x7 by a team of satellite and internet engineers. JCSAT 3A is just one of over 10 satellites accessed from Hawaii Pacific Teleport. The teleport is connected by 300 Mbps high speed fiber across redundant submarine fiber links to the Internet backbone on the US west coast. HPT services customers with mission critical communications in the military, oil and gas industries.

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