Fixed satellite broad band antenna and VOIP

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Fixed satellite broad band antenna and VOIP

Postby softtechinternatio » Mon Jul 24, 2006 7:14 am

I am pleased to introduce Softtech International, a VSAT communication systems company based in Ottawa., Canada. We supply satellite broadband fixed antenna of Andrew Corporation, USA with radio transmitter and LNB receiver. These antennas are of various sizes ranging from 1m, 1.2m, 2.4m KU and C-Band.

We are international dealers and distributors of satellite communications equipment for enterprise and consumer markets. Applications include data, internet, telephony, multimedia, audio, video, PC networking, and other information-related transmissions. Along with the antenna we also supply microwave interactive low noise block converters (iLNBs) and front-end transceiver modules for satellite multimedia terminals integrated into outdoor unit antenna systems.

We also offer VOIP solution that includes a phone adapter to be connected to telephone and to your high-speed Internet connection The phone adapter transmits your phone call across the Internet. The calls go through the modem. The phone adaptor splits the high-speed broadband Internet connection. Internet connection should work as it did before. The phone calls are sent through phone adaptor to regular or cordless phone. What this unique phone adapter has that the regular land line doesn't is the mobility. The phone adapter box works anywhere there is high speed internet, even in your hotel room in China!   We are in the process of supplying these high quality antenna and VOIP solutions in bulk to satellite service providers and hub owners in various countries in Africa, South Asia, Middle East and South East Asia. We can offer competitive prices for bulk purchases at exfactory USA basis.

Please let me know your requirement along with detail specification of antenna ,BUC and LNB.I look forward to a positive response and long mutually beneficial association.

Neil  Manger (Technical sales )  

Re: Fixed satellite broad band antenna and VOIP

Postby vsatplanet » Fri Jul 28, 2006 1:26 am

Please send to me you product range price list and major distributing price analysis.
michelle hassler

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