Finally IP based satellite internet instead of DVB

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Finally IP based satellite internet instead of DVB

Postby vsat01 » Sat Dec 24, 2005 1:20 am

Industrial Broadband Satellite Internet
Premium IP Broadband Satellite Internet. There are several key differences between the broadband satellite Internet services offered by Skycasters and the typical satellite Internet services offered by other providers. The first and most noticeable is, of course, the speed, low latency, low contention rate, and scalability.

Native IP with Acceleration Unlike satellite Internet services that were adapted from television broadcast technology, Skycasters broadband satellite Internet service was built from the ground up for IP services. High efficiency TCP acceleration and accelerated TCP handshake enhances performance by mitigating the effects that satellite latency typically has on TCP/IP traffic. This system will handle applications such as VPN, Video Conferencing, and VoIP, which do not perform well over high latency solutions like Direcway.

The Technology
This satellite broadband service employs new technology designed from the ground up to meet your most demanding requirements.

True IP-based communications (not encapsulated) means smooth integration with your existing applications. Rain fade becomes virtually a thing of the past thanks to the systems ability to regulate transmitter power in response to atmospheric conditions. Service plans from 64/256 to 1024/2048 ensure bandwidth to meet the data transmission and budgetary requirements of your operation. Cisco IP Sec VPN performance overhead is only 20%-40%

Dynamic TX Power Control
A unique feature of VSAT Systems broadband satellite Internet service is its dynamic transmit (TX) power control feature that automatically increases TX power when necessary due to weather or atmospheric conditions Standard satellite Internet transmitters do not automatically manage TX power, and therefore must be pre-set to a TX level that will not overpower the satellite transponder on a clear day. Therefore with a standard transmitter, upload performance can be substantially lower on cloudy or rainy days. Not so with our system. When signal strength is threatened by precipitation or other factors, additional power is automatically provided to compensate.

Advanced Network Features
We offer, remote monitoring of the system and network, to maintain connectivity, with proactive notification for system issues.

With a simple email, customers have the ability to increase bandwidth (service plan) without any equipment upgrade or site visit. For maximum reliability and performance, 1.2 m dish is standard.

Satellite Internet Service Plans
Skycasters offers 7 broadband satellite Internet service plans. The range of satellite Internet services is designed to help your business match your needs to your budget. The Bandwidth is available on Fixed Equipment, Fixed Vehicle Mounted Mobile Equipment, or a portable Flyaway unit. All Skycasters service plans are managed on shared platforms unless otherwise noted. End users can expect to be able to receive 90% of the stated speed 90% of the time.

1 Static-Public IP is included in monthly rates. Additional Static-Public IP addresses are $1 per month per IP address. Blocks of 5 and 13 are available.

All Skycasters service plans are managed on shared platforms unless otherwise noted. End users can expect to be able to receive over 90% of the stated speed at least 90% of the time.

David R. Gorby Jr.
Sales Engineer Skycasters LLC/SatVentures Management LLC
(330)785-2100 ext 136
800-268-8653 ext 136
fax: (216)803-0126

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