Advice for Satellite Internet for Iquitos - Peru

El internet satelital es la mejor solucion para integrar a los pueblos rurales. Actualmente cuento con el servico de internet satelital en Peru, pero a la empresa que me provee dicho servicio esta migrando todos los servisios de america a Satmex.

Advice for Satellite Internet for Iquitos - Peru

Postby daj » Tue Jun 22, 2010 8:44 pm

My family is moving to Iquitos Peru for a year or more. Iquitos is famous for being the largest city in the world that is not accessible by road. I'm pretty sure that I will find that the only Internet option there is the satellite variety.

I would appreciate it if anyone can either provide me any advice available on what is my best option or if you could direct me to any resource site that would be unbiased. Keep in mind that I am green when it comes to this satellite stuff although I am very computer literate. My goals are regular Internet access and the use of a VOIP phone over the service.

My general questions are as follows:

- Who should I turn to for reliable cost effective service? We are volunteers down there so cost is a major consideration. On the other hand, it's no good if it doesn't work.
- Would any cost effective service that works here in the USA also work down there?
- What can I expect to pay?
- Are there typically "unlimited" plans or do you pay by the Megabyte?
- Can I expect reliable connectivity?
- Can I expect to make high quality VOIP calls?
- What kinds of real world speeds can I expect?
- Is there any new technology "just around the corner"?

Don't feel that you need to respond to all these questions but any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your willingness to help.

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